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Discover the joy of swimming

Joyful Swimming

It’s not a race, it’s an Escorted Open Water Swim

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Come feel the joy! That’s what open water swimming is all about. Whether you choose a half-mile or a 10k challenge, our Escorted Open Water Swims will slash your triathlon times, increase your confidence, and give you bragging rights.

Founded in 2011, Say Yes to Life Swims provides some of the safest open water swim events in the Northwest. Our ratio of trained, experienced safety paddlers to swimmers is 1:4 and often lower. Swim events are non-competitive, fun, and challenging.

What a fun excursion and glorious day of swimming!

— Cynthia, 2015

Exciting Escorted Swim Adventures

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Say Yes to Life! Swims is the Northwest’s premiere source of open water swim adventures. Since 2011, we’ve been building a world in which all swimmers experience accomplishment, exhilaration, and camaraderie.

Event Discounts

We offer a variety of event discounts. Become a member and save hundreds of dollars!

Event Discounts

“I would never have done open water swimming without your Excursions, Guila! You got me comfortable in a deep dark lake.
Priceless, thank you!”

— Stella, 2014

Your passion is infectious. Thanks for creating this company.
— Helen, 2015


Meet Guila Muir, Your Swim Excursion Leader

Training and Experience

  • Certified USMS Swim Coach
  • 10-time crosser, Alcatraz to San Francisco; Portland Bridges Swim 2015 (11 miles), Bridge to Bridge Swim 2013 (10k), all non-wetsuit
  • Year-round “skin” Puget Sound swimmer
  • Red Cross CPR and AED for the Professional Rescuer
  • Presenter, Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (2014)
  • Moderator, “Women in the Open Water” International Panel, Seattle WA 2017
  • Masters of Adult Education and CEO, Guila Muir and Associates, LLC