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Discover the joy of open water swimming

Customized Adventure Swims


Becky swam a customized 10k with us in 2022

Do you have a swim you’ve been dreaming about? How about completing your first 5k or 10k event without dealing with the stress of a race? Or, like many, you just want to swim safely, perhaps stretching your limits, accompanied by two trained safety kayakers?

Babs swam a customized 10k with us in 2021

We design and provide unique events based on YOUR desires, ability, and schedule. Or, choose from the popular routes below.

We Provide:

  • Consultation to plan and map your dream route.
  • Safety and visibility by flanking you with two kayaks as you swim.
  • Videos of your swim.
  • Regular text updates to a loved one, scheduled feedings, and stroke count records.
  • Your choice of champagne or chocolates to celebrate!

Popular Routes

1-mile Lake Washington Swim: $125

2.5 mile swim around the Horn of Seward (super popular!): $250

3-mile I-90 roundtrip swim across I-90: $275

10k, amazing Lake Washington views: $350

Details and Discounts

25% discount on a second registration. Max 2 swimmers.

Swimmers must have proven ability to complete the distance they have chosen. We reserve the right to decline a route we deem unsafe.


If you are ready to turn your dreams into reality, contact Guila today