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Swimming From the Inside Out: Front Crawl

10 Focused Activities for a Sleek, Purposeful and Efficient Front Crawl (Freestyle)

Do you have a feeling you could be doing freestyle (front crawl) better, but just don’t know how?

Since 2011, I’ve helped hundreds of swimmers improve their front crawl using Focused Activities.  NOT mindless drills, these activities help you to better connect your mental awareness to what your body is actually doing in the water.

My brand-new Swimming From the Inside Out video includes:

  • Videos of 10 Focused Activities from three angles, with step-by-step instructions.
  • Dryland practice segments to build muscle memory before you get to the pool.
  • Downloadable “cheat sheet” with essential cues.
  • My own special brand of understanding, enthusiasm and support.

Focused Activities will improve the technique of both pool and open water swimmers.

Watch this free clip for a taste of the video!

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Front Crawl – Swimming From the Inside Out

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