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Discover the joy of open water swimming

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Do what you love while making swimmers safe. Spend glorious time on the water! Great people, fun and personal fulfillment.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a stellar safety record for over ten years. The role of Volunteer Water Support, whether in a kayak, SUP, or motorized craft, is essential.

What We Expect from Water Volunteers

  • You must have your own kayak or SUP, or can borrow one.
  • You commit to participating in each event’s safety meeting (1 per event, online via Zoom).
  • You provide visibility for swimmers and help them stay on course.
  • You enjoy working collaboratively with other event personnel to keep swimmers safe.

We Provide

Wearing the Say Yes to Life Swims Water Escort hat!

  • Loan of a personal walkie-talkie for each event.
  • Safety orientation and route maps.
  • Say Yes to Life! hat when you volunteer for at least two events.
  • Excellent snacks and drinks at every event.
  • Lots and lots of appreciation.


All paddlers must sign up for their chosen event at least one week before it occurs. This will enable us to send essential information and preparatory materials.

Also, please schedule the date and time of each safety meeting in your calendar NOW. All paddlers must participate in the Zoom Safety Briefing meeting in person.


Special Paddler Offer

Keep your head warm with the Orca Beanie! Only $20 (save $15) when you paddle with us.

Orca Beanie – Paddler’s Special

Apply to Volunteer



    Are you able to self-rescue?


    Which events can you can commit to?

    TUBBY TROUT 5k (South Lake Washington)

    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 6/27 @ 7:30 pm)

    WILDERNESS ADVENTURE SWIM ( 45 minutes outside Seattle)

    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 7/18 @ 7:30 pm)


    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 8/1 @ 7:30 pm)

    THE OCTOCHALLENGE (South Lake Washington)

    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 8/15 @ 7:30 pm)

    AGUA FRESCA (North Lake Washington)

    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 9/12 @ 7:30 pm)

    AWESOME ALKI BASH (Alki Beach)

    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: Thurs 9/26 @ 7:30 pm)



    (MANDATORY SAFETY MEETING via Zoom: TBD @ 7:30 pm)

    Waiver and Safety Plan

    To paddle with us, you must agree to the terms of the LIABILITY WAIVER/SAFETY PLAN.