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Discover the joy of open water swimming

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Open Water Swim Lessons

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To swim with us, you must read and agree to the Say Yes to Life Liability Waiver/Safety Plan.

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Lessons are now booked until JULY 20th. Please ask about lesson availability before scheduling. THANKS!

Joy in the Water

Have you always wanted to try open-water swimming, but feel a bit “iffy” about what might be lurking below? If you currently enjoy swimming outdoors, maybe you simply want to improve your stroke. Or perhaps an Ironman, Alcatraz or a 10k is in your future! Whatever your goals or skill level, working with Guila will improve your efficiency, endurance, and enjoyment.

“These lessons changed my life.”
— Stacey N, 2021

Guila is especially sensitive to the needs of new open-water swimmers. She is a USMS & ASCA certified swim coach and a professional adult educator. She will find ways that work for YOU in the open water.

“That was amazing Guila! I learned so much and it will be really fun to practice now that I actually know what to practice. You are a gifted teacher.”
— Sally N, 2021


Lesson Length: 45 minutes
Available Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays through November 16th.
Note: All lessons must be completed by November 16th.
Available Times: On the hour, 1:00 PM –5:00 PM
Location: Colman Park, Seattle
Level: All levels welcome. I’ve worked with total beginners, world-class athletes and everything in between. We’ll find what works for YOU!
Eligibility criteria: You must be able to float comfortably both on your stomach and your back. If you do not currently meet this criteria, please take swim lessons in a pool first.
Water: Fresh
Wetsuit: Depends on your preference. You will receive more information about wetsuits in the Welcome Letter.

All lessons are one-on-one. When you register, we send you a confirmation Welcome Letter with all essential details about what to bring and what to expect. Simply reply to that email to schedule your lessons.

“This experience rekindled my love with swimming.”
— Vasileios L  (Greek National Swim Team) 2022

Waiver/Safety Plan

To register for lessons, you must read and agree to the Say Yes to Life Liability Waiver/Safety Plan.

If you have questions or need additional information before registering for lessons, feel free to contact us.

US Masters Swimming certified coachAdult Learn to Swim certified instructor