Say YES! to Life Swims Say Yes! to Life Swims: Discover the Joy of Open Water Swimming

Discover the joy of open water swimming

Joyful Swimming

It’s not a race, it’s an Open Water Adventure

Say Yes to Life Swims is the Northwest (U.S.) source of open water swim adventures. Our name stems from saying YES to new experiences, challenges, and sources of joy.

Join us for escorted open water swim events, Wilderness Excursions (re-starting in 2022), open water swim lessons, and customized adventure swims.

In 2021, we offered 14 incredible swims to celebrate our tenth year.

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“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first long swims!”
— Stephanie Zimmerman
(advanced from swimming 1/2 mile to a 10k in 2018)

Check out:

Some of our wonderful water safety escorts

Meet the Team

Guila (pronounced “Ghee-lah“) Muir is Say Yes to Life Swim’s founder. With her experienced, friendly group of water safety escorts, Guila helps to ensure that your open water swim experience is both challenging and safe.

Your passion is infectious. Thanks for creating this company.
— Helen, 2015