Say YES! to Life Swims Say Yes! to Life Swims: Discover the Joy of Open Water Swimming

Discover the joy of open water swimming

It’s Not a Race…it’s an Adventure!


If you want to challenge yourself while swimming non-competitively with others, our Escorted Open Water Swim Adventures are for you. Hundreds have swum with us since 2011.

“I was able to challenge and race against myself and the elements, not other people. Loved it.” — Bob B, 2016

What Makes Our Escorted Open Water Swims Unique?

We provide the highest quality safety accompaniment. All Escorted Open Water Swims include at least one escort holding current Red Cross CPR certification, and an independent Safety Officer with cancellation authority. All events are fully insured.

Escorted Open Water Swims provide:

  • Support by a minimum of one paddler per every four swimmers.
  • Sighting and open water swim tips.
  • Unique swag and prizes.
  • Pre-swim shoulder mobility exercises.
  • Great swimmer portraits and event photos.
  • Use of post-swim CoreWarmers, to help swimmers warm up fast if necessary.
  • Wetsuit rental and purchase suggestions.

Who Participates?

Our clients range from driven, successful triathletes to pool swimmers transitioning to open water swimming. Each event accommodates up to 20 swimmers, keeping safety and customization at the forefront.

“It was so perfect. Thanks so much for creating this terrific community.”
— Carmen, 2018

Terms and Conditions

  • We can NOT refund registration fees. In emergency situations, we may allow you to apply your registration fee to a different event in the same year. Registrations cannot be carried from year to year.
  • Registration is not transferable. Someone else cannot swim in your place.
  • Please assess your own skills. Register only if you know you have the fitness and endurance for the event(s) you are interested in.
  • Please carefully read the Waiver and Safety Plan before registering.
  • We reserve the right to use photos from all events for promotional purposes.

When and Where do the Escorted Open Water Swims Take Place?

Most take place in the Seattle, Washington area, both in Puget Sound and in Lake Washington. We offer weekend and mid-week events to fit every swimmer’s schedule.

Guila Muir: Training and Experience

  • Certified USMS Swim Coach and Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Coach
  • Level 2 Certification, American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) (pending 2022)
  • Virtual Open Water Coaches Conference: Swim Teachers Association/Straight-Line Swimming (UK, 2020)
  • World Open Water Swimming Association/American Swimming Coaches Association Coaches Education Program (2021)
  • International Winter Swimming Championships 2020, Skelleftea, Sweden (won my division)
  • Swim Smooth Masterclass Clinic (San Diego, 2018)
  • Organizer and Moderator, “Women in the Open Water” International Panels, Seattle WA (2017, 2019)
  • Presenter or Keynote Speaker: Puget Plunge (2018), Salish Splash (2019) Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (2014)
  • 10-time crosser, Alcatraz to San Francisco; Salish Sea 5k (2017); Portland Bridges Swim 2015 (11 miles); Bridge to Bridge Swim 2013 (10k), all non-wetsuit
  • Year-round “skin” Puget Sound and Lake Washington swimmer
  • Red Cross CPR and AED certified, lifeguard training and experience
  • Masters of Adult Education and CEO, Guila Muir and Associates, LLC

Your Registration Supports a Healthy Puget Sound

Every time you swim with us, you help our local waters. We donate a portion of each swim’s registration fee to Oceana and  Puget Soundkeeper’s Alliance.