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Important Information

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to swim with us. There is no upper age limit.
  • To join us, your swim ability must be (at least) at an intermediate level. You should be able to swim one mile (1650 yards) in the pool without stopping. We accept and celebrate all swim speeds.
  • We absorb all registration processing costs. Unlike other sport sites, we do not pass these on to you.
  • You must be confident that you are able to swim the distance of your chosen Swim Excursion. If you are not confident about this, please register for a shorter event first. You can also take open water swim lessons to prepare you for the longer Swim Excursions.
  • We donate a portion of each registration fee to Oceana, to help protect the world’s oceans.
  • Sorry, we cannot refund registration fees.

Preparing for Your Excursion

Before your first Swim Excursion, you must download, read, and sign the Liability Waiver/Safety Plan. Bring your signed waiver to your first swim. We will keep it on file for 5 years.

We also recommend downloading our 5 Tips for Successful Open Water Swimming pdf.

Special Discount!

Register for ANY four Swim Excursions at the same time, and receive a crisp, new $10 bill. ( Wednesday Night Swim Series of 3 is already discounted, and counts as one of your four swims.)