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Discover the joy of open water swimming

April 30th, 2015Seattle Magazine Features Say Yes! to Life Swims

Seattle Magazine May 2015The May 2015 issue of Seattle Magazine includes an article featuring Say Yes! to Life Swims.

The four-page article in the magazine’s Health section focuses on a recent trend among Seattle women of making exercise a social activity. Author Sheila Cain discusses the benefits of socially-focused physical activities, which include motivation, camaraderie, community-building, and of course, fun.

As the article points out, exercise is just one benefit of group physical activity. “(T)he most common outcome is the sense of community that comes from the … gatherings.” Friendships, community, and fun don’t just help us start exercising and keep exercising: the social aspects of Say Yes to Life Swim Excursions are a health benefit in and of themselves.

Cain cites a 2012 study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine that found “people participating in aerobic activity worked out twice as long when they were with a partner than if they were exercising on their own”. She also points out that those who exercise as part of a group are more likely to show up in the first place. Stands to reason: it’s a lot harder to opt to stay home when you know your friends are expecting you.

If you’ve been wondering whether open water swimming might be for you, now is a great time to come give it a try. We’ve got an exciting lineup of Excursions scheduled for the 2015 season … and a great community of swimmers ready to welcome you.

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