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Discover the joy of swimming

Tubby Trout

thThis Lake Washington adventure offers the best possible practice for Seattle’s most elite race, the Fat Salmon Open Water Swim. It’s our longest Swim Excursion this season, perfect for those who want to test their endurance in the open water. This is a fun, but quite challenging, event. All swimmers leave with a Golden Trout prize.

Route: We’ll start at Martha Washington Park (South Seattle) and swim south. Enjoy passing some of Seattle’s toniest real estate as you swim! You’ll also get a glimpse of Beer Sheva Park, named after Seattle’s sister city in Israel.

Date: Sunday June 28th, 2015
Cost: $65


The Details

swimming at triathlonTime: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Length: 3.2 miles
Level: Advanced. Please register only if you are confident in your ability to swim the entire distance.
Water: Fresh
Wetsuit: Your choice to wear one or not. Water temperature will be in the 60’s. Please acclimate yourself before this swim.

Special Discount!

Register for ANY four Swim Excursions at the same time, and receive a crisp, new $10 bill. Use it to sweeten your drive home, buy earplugs for your next Excursion, purchase flowers for your honey, or…?

Waiver/Safety Plan

One waiver covers all excursions: bring it to your first swim, and we will keep it on file for 5 years.

Download the Liability Waiver/Safety Plan

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