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Discover the joy of swimming

Wilderness Adventure Swim #1

Four legsThis is what swimming’s all about! Join us next year for an unforgettable swim in Lake Langlois, outside Carnation, WA.

We carpooled from a Park and Ride and started with relaxing yoga once we arrived. Then we swam in an incredibly beautiful setting in the purest water imaginable. A luxurious, gourmet lunch greeted the swimmers when they got out. We played Swim Trivia with prizes and generally had a great time.


DSCF0985Many swimmers say this was their absolute favorite Swim Excursion in 2014. Treat yourself! (Yes, this photo is of the actual lake. You can see a video here.)

Date: This swim took place on Sunday August 24th, 2014

Price: $115

What an awesome swim in a pristine and warm lake. AND a delicious picnic afterwards! I highly recommend Say Yes to Life Swims!

— Alexandra, South Africa

DSCF0983The Details

Time: 9:00 AM–3:00 PM
Length: 1.5-2 miles
Level: All levels
Includes: Gourmet lunch, wilderness pass, Swim Trivia game w/prizes
Water: Fresh
Wetsuit: Your choice to wear one or not.

Swim Route, Lake Langlois

Swim Route, Lake Langlois

Waiver/Safety Plan:
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One waiver covers all excursions: bring it to your first swim, and we will keep it on file for 5 years.
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